Getting Settled

Guten Tag!

We’ve moved into our apartment and received a small shipment of our things from “home.” Throughout the past week and a half, we’ve been getting settled in and spending time with new friends.

We were fortunate enough to accompany one of our new friends to Mannheim last Saturday to do a bit of shopping at the most local IKEA. We came away with a few items for the apartment and also with a new appreciation for just how incredibly beautiful the countryside is in Germany. Much of what we saw were vineyards and rolling hills of forest and fields. Perhaps more striking to our eyes was that, in the midst of the beautiful countryside, there are suddenly small towns dropped down right in the middle of “nowhere.” These houses and buildings all sit very close together and at seemingly awkward angles. Zoning laws here either don’t exist, or are very different from in the states.  In many of the towns we passed, there were multiple churches adding to the beauty of the town-scape. I can’t say how much these observations hold up to the whole of the country, but so far I am thoroughly enjoying the visuals here.

We are currently looking into taking some day-trips to some Christmas markets in the surrounding towns, but first we must either receive our car from the states or purchase a second one. Till then, we’ll research and continue to settle in. More updates (with pictures) will follow once our internet has finally been installed.



In the event that you’re keeping up with my seminary journey, the latest news regards registration for my spring classes, which occurred on Tuesday of this week. I am set up for two courses which I will be able to complete online.

Hallo world!


So you’ve found your way to this brand-spanking-new blog, how exciting! I assure you, this first post won’t overwhelm you with grandiose visions of my travels throughout Europe and my seminary journey. Rather, it is merely a very brief introduction.

My little military family has been in Europe for exactly two weeks today and we have primarily been getting acclimated. Tomorrow, we move into our “permanent” home on a military base. Once we’ve settled in, expect more updates regarding our travels in and around Germany and throughout Europe. In the meantime, I’ll try to settle on a “look” for this blog and put up some pictures as I am able.



(If you’re wondering, the picture on the banner at the top is of a church in Ramstein Village. I do not have many details about it as I snapped the photo as we strolled by with our son, but it’s beautiful in person.)