Back to it!


The three of us at Notre Dame in April. Just one of the reasons I’ve been a bit MIA.

Hello everyone!

After a lo–ong semester during which I took an unintended break from all things blogging, I’m back. I do not have great insight to impart today. The semester just ended and my brain needs a bit of time to decompress, but I wanted to make sure no one thought I had abandoned this platform. I haven’t, and I’m back to it!

I’m going to take a moment and catch you up briefly and sit down later this week (maybe even tomorrow) to expand on some things or perhaps I’ll become intensely inspired to write about my second seminary semester or our semi-recent trip to Paris. That, however, will have to wait.

Today, I’m simply going to do something quick and informative, inspired by my friend Emma’s blog.

I am:

missing: my girls back in the states. The people I’ve met here are incredibly wonderful people and I’m having fun with them for sure! But I think we can all agree that there’s something about long-time friends, y’know?

needing: to go pick up my referral to an off-base, German specialist (for the lupus stuff). The appointment is in June and it’s after mid-May now!

dreaming: about a good night’s sleep. I’ve been an insomniac lately.

wishing: my husband and I were able to go see The Avengers in theaters. This is just one of the plethora of problems with living so far from family.

hoping: that planning for Weston’s birthday party isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems in my head.

reading: the last half of The Hunger Games. God help me, I needed something fun and leisurely after a semester of intense theological reading. It’s actually quite an interesting story (reminds me of the Asian film Battle Royale, but I like the characters a bit more)!

feeling: much calmer now that my semester is over. It was my most difficult yet and the stress was a bit much to bear with all the other life-stuff over here.

craving: coffee. I’ve been on a sort of cleanse and taking some supplements (Advocare is amahzing!) to help with some general and lupus-related issues and to get some toxins out of my body. I feel great (especially these last two days since the stress of classes is lifted), but I Miss. My. Coffee.

listening: to the newish album by Vanessa Carlton “Rabbits on the Run” – it’s a bit of a departure, but feels more authentically her. Refreshing. Light (and yet full of depth). I’m enjoying it.

watching: episodes of Dollhouse to keep pace with my favorite podcast “Active Architecture” from some of my twitter buddies (hi, Justin and Cindy!). I’m up to “Echoes” again. It’s even better this time around. “You haven’t seen my drawer of inappropriate starches?”

laughing: at the fact that my son will be two in less than two months. I’m laughing to keep from weeping actually, and that’s half sarcasm, half truth. He’s growing up much too fast.

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