Double Trouble

Greetings readers (however few of you there are)!

I know I promised to write more frequently, and I think I have, actually. Just not as frequently as I would like. Life has been busy in our little home. Between Aaron’s work and class, Weston’s busy-business, and my seminary classes and related activities (not to mention the fact that I’m growing a whole other person), we are full up!

The impetus for this particular blog is to announce that we’ve found out we’re having another boy! The ultrasound tech told us that there is absolutely NO doubt about it. Yes, double trouble is headed our way (or triple, if you count the husband… to return any sense of balance, we’ve got to get female pets, y’know, whenever we do get them).

I want to express my excitement at this turn of events. The ideal family is, in many minds, mother, father, son, and daughter–“one of each,” as they say. Aaron and I long ago determined that we probably “only” wanted two children (both of us were of the mind that, once they begin outnumbering you, you’re just begging for chaos). So we’re not going to have that “ideal” family in the sense of having both a son and a daughter. Funny thing is, I kept telling myself, I think we’re having a girl! Mostly because I thought I wanted a little girl. Sure, I liked the idea of having a “mini-me” and carrying on that strong female Cherokee heritage I’m so proud of. True, Aaron doesn’t get his “daddy’s girl.” And maybe my boys won’t be into watching the Disney films I’m most fond of (Hello, Sleeping Beauty).

I thought all of those things. And yet, immediately upon hearing, “That’s definitely a boy,” I felt a sense of relief. Yes, relief. Lifted is my annoyance with the idea of doing someone’s hair other than my own, gone are some of the teenaged-year concerns most associated with having daughters, and vanished is my trepidation at having to explain that unfortunate female “curse” to a severely bummed out daughter. While true that the trade-off is an insanely busy set of toddler years (boys are busy bees!) and a heightened sense of worry over their seeming lack of anything resembling sense or the slightest hint of fear when performing “death”-defying stunts, I have to be honest in saying that I am much more comfortable with the boy thing.

sI know what to do with boys. I was a tomboy growing up (I have since embraced both sides of my personality, however). The thought that I never have to have pink in my house is much more than just the slightest bit comforting (seriously, I need to blog about my hatred of the color pink, with the sole exceptions of the accents on my wedding dress and my WWBD t-shirt from a friend). No dresses, tutus, or complicated outfits. Boys wear pants, people, PANTS. They don’t care about their hair and they LOVE their mamas. I’m going to go ahead and call this a win for us.

Plus, I get to refer to my little family as “my boys” forever, which is something I am supremely excited about. Now, if my little brother could just have at least one daughter, that would be excellent. I’m going to have to do some praying about this because I NEED a niece. Then I can spoil the heck out of her, she’ll never get mad at me (because, let’s face it, I’m so clearly going to be the beloved “cool aunt”, like my Aunt Jen is to me), and I don’t have to deal daily with teenage girl hormones. Win-win 🙂

I have many friends with little girls and they’re super cute and I know their families love them to pieces. Kudos to those of you who have beautiful little ladies, raise them well 🙂 I have nothing against girls. But two boys for us? It is the right course for this mommy. When my family says they’ve always seen me with boys, I can understand that. I think I’ve always seen myself with sons as well. It just makes a perfect kind of sense.

So please pray for a continued healthy pregnancy and that little Isaac is as healthy as his big brother, Weston. So far, so good.

Blessings, all.